Chockfast technology applied on engine repair

We performed some complex tasks with Chockfast products on vessels under repair.

On NB801 TSHD Albatros build by MTG Dolphin Yard both stern tubes, two propulsion and one auxiliary reduction gears were mounted as per approved technology with Chockfast Orange and Phillibond Orange as a materials. On NB901 Grab hopper dredger again in MTG Dolphin Yard both stern tubes were fitted on Chockfast Orange. Both projects were submitted to the Yard, Class and Owners without remarks.

Additional one engine Stork 9TM410 and one engine MAN B&W 6S26MC were realigned and new chocks were casted. Both engines were secured on the new chocks with all the bolts tightened as per approved new calculations from the Class and submitted to the owners without remarks and with perfect crankshaft deflection.