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The San Francisco Unified School District has set April 12 as the reopening date after reaching a preliminary agreement with the United States. SFUSD and teachers` unions have worked together to reach an agreement that meets the requirements of public health guidelines and ensures that staff who are not fully vaccinated must stand 6 feet away from others. SFUSD and UESF had already reached special education agreements, which the school board approved on Tuesday. It allows personal testing and hearing and visual testing when in the red layer, regardless of the availability of vaccines. It would assign educators for such tests, as well as security assistants based on seniority, if there are not enough volunteers to meet the demand. “I would like to thank all the county staff who have been working for months to prepare our schools so that we can return safely as soon as possible,” said Superintendent Vincent Matthews. “This agreement would not have been possible without their efforts. I look forward to opening the doors of our school so that more staff can begin to prepare to welcome students back. In September, after reaching an agreement on distance learning, the district began discussions with working groups sharing the criteria for reopening. These criteria included steps to establish health and safety protocols as required by public health experts, including criteria for reopening the county (Phase 2A and Phase 2B decision trees). On the 15th.

In December, SFUSD unions announced a new set of health and safety criteria that the district wants to follow before returning to faceless learning, and the groups negotiated to reach a common set of standards. The agreement states that SFUSD will meet all the requirements of current public health guidelines for schools and that staff who are not fully vaccinated will maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet from other people who are not in their household as much as possible, provided that this is the district`s ability to provide in-person education, not weakened. The preliminary agreement reached with the trade union group does not address the negotiable implications of the district plan for hybrid education. The district continues to meet with the United Educators of San Francisco to finalize negotiations on the negotiable effects of hybrid education. According to the preliminary agreement, the unions and SFUSD agreed on the basic health and safety standards. This preliminary agreement updates the district`s criteria, including new agreements on when to start in-person learning. In particular, the district and workers agreed that the students would return if: “IfPTE 21, SEIU 1021, UASF and UESF have worked together with the district to reach this agreement to protect the health and safety of students, families and our members. We are very pleased to have reached this agreement before the start of the 21-22 school year, and we will continue to work together to achieve the highest standards of health and safety for our members and school communities,” said Rafael Picazo of SFUSD`s Department of Environmental Health and Chair of SEIU 1021. The preliminary agreement addresses the health and safety standards required for the return of students in all grades K-12, and the parties have agreed to respect and transfer any additional negotiable effects of the district`s plans for the return of middle and high school students. The agreement comes after nearly three weeks of intense negotiations to finalize the staffing agreements needed for the personal reopening. Supervisory board chairman Shamann Walton joined as mediator last Thursday after the UESF called for one due to a “loss of confidence”.

“Today`s agreement is the product of months of adaptation and redesign of what a return to face-to-face teaching might look like for educators, students and families in a large borough during a pandemic,” said Susan Solomon, UESF President. “We would like to thank President Shamann Walton for his successful mediation of this agreement. Now, the city and district must keep their promise to vaccinate school staff as soon as possible. The deal would bring students back into the classroom for “almost an entire school day, five days a week.” The first to return will be those who will be classified as priority students, those with the lowest classes and those with moderate to severe disabilities. More students are expected to return before the end of April, according to the district. San Francisco (February 7, 2021) – On Saturday evening, February 6, the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) and a group of unions representing SFUSD employees reached a preliminary agreement on health and safety standards for personal learning, a key step in reopening schools. San Francisco (12. August 2021) – The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) and the International Federation Professional Technical Engineers (IFPTE), Local 21; International Union of Service Employees (SEIU), Local 1021; United Directors of San Francisco (UASF); United Educators of San Francisco (UESF) has entered into a preliminary agreement regarding updated health and safety standards through July 31, 2022, which is designed to keep all schools and facilities in the county open for safe and comprehensive in-person instruction at all grade levels. The school board also approved health and safety agreements last Tuesday with all unions that would reopen schools if San Francisco reached the red level when vaccines are available, or in the orange level, regardless of the vaccines. Mayor London Breed said the city could leave the state`s most restrictive purple stadium to monitor the spread of the coronavirus and fall to the red level this week.

Test kits are available at any school or workplace. Tests are provided to employees free of charge and during paid time. While there are still several steps to be taken, the two most important ones are: Memorandum of Understanding between the Unified School District of San Francisco and United Administrators of San Francisco For your convenience, we have provided the links to other benefits as part of UASF membership. SFUSD will set the preliminary agreement for ratification by the Ministry of Education on Tuesday, February 23. WITH RESPECT TO COVID-19 CONTACT TRACING, NOTIFICATIONS AND SMARTSHEET LISTS As of September 7, all SFUSD employees must be fully vaccinated. Any employee who has not yet been vaccinated will be required to be tested for COVID-19 at least once a week. Community health starts with widely used vaccines, and the need for vaccination and the impact of this requirement was the guiding principle of the negotiations. For information on sick leave, injury reports, worker complications and accommodations, log in to SFUSD.edu: Employee Login > Employee Announcements appears > Open Employee Quick Links.

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